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Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

We encourage children in our school to be Courageous Advocates and Oscar in Y5 did just that last week. He spoke to me about arranging a guest speaker for assembly and, along with Lisa LLoyd, organised for the incredible Melanie Francis the founder of  Neuroinclusive HR and Neurodiversity trainer, to come in and lead an assembly to celebrate neurodiversity. 

When Mel asked 'What is Neurodiversity?', Hugo in Y3 answered, 'It is what makes us the us we are'. Mel shared this on her LinkedIn page and it reached over 1,600 people! 55 have reacted to it and many have left positive comments. This is what one person can do to make a difference! 

Mel shared this video to explain Autism, which has encouraged lots of positive conversations in classrooms. 

Thank you, Oscar, for your courageous advocacy and thank you, Hugo, for sharing such a clear explanation of neurodiversity! So proud of both of you!