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Admission Arrangements

The catchment area for Great Milton Church of England Primary School is made up of the villages of Great Milton, Great and Little Haseley, Milton Common, Tiddington (including Albury) and Middle Ground, although some children do come from adjoining areas and villages. Administration of admission arrangements to county primary schools is dealt with centrally by Oxfordshire County Council.

Parents and carers of children seeking to join the school in year groups other than Foundation Stage can contact the School Administrator (01844 279388) to determine if we have places available, but all admissions must go through the County Council Admissions Team.


Every effort is made to make a place available for your child in our school. However, schools have a limit on the number of children they can take. In the case of Great Milton Church of England Primary School, this is 25 in each year group. This figure is set by the Local Authority (LA) and agreed by our governing body. If the number of children wanting a place is below the set figure, your child will be offered a place. There may, however, come a point when there are too many children who apply for that year group for them all to be given a place.

If a place is not available on application, you have the right to appeal to Oxfordshire County Council. A guide on Appealing for a School Place can be found on the Oxfordshire County Council website.