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Anti Bullying

KiVa Anti-bullying Programme






In September 2022 Great Milton School was selected as a pilot school for the KiVa Anti-bullying Programme. This is following two years of engaging in the research project 'Stand Together' with the University of Oxford. 

KiVa has a strong theoretical basis and is based on decades of research. KiVa is evidence-based which means that the effectiveness of KiVa has been proven scientifically. KiVa offers a wide range of concrete tools and materials for schools to tackle bullying. 

Please take a look at the parent information leaflet for more details.

Parents Guide

How does KiVa look at Great Milton?

  • Lessons for Y3 and Y4: 10 double lessons 
  • Lessons for Y5 and Y6: 10 double lessons 

Our KiVa mornings are the first Wednesday of each month.

Goals for the lessons and themes:

  • Getting the children to understand the role a group plays in bullying.
  • Increasing empathy for the bullied students.
  • Learning ways to support the bullied student, and taking responsibility for not allowing bullying to occur in the group.

KiVa themes

1: Let’s become a group!

2: Interaction in a group

Motto: Resist the pressure!

3: Me and others

Motto: I got to be me, you get to be you

4: Forms and mechanisms of bullying

Motto: No one deserves to be bullied

5: Consequences and counterforces of bullying

Motto: It’s up to us!

Children will be set online KiVa Games which they can play at home

The games have five levels, which are to be played after the corresponding lessons. Every level consists of three sections.

1. I KNOW: students learn about bullying, and they are tested for what they have learned during the lessons.

2. I CAN: students learn skills, which can be used in efforts to reduce bullying

3.I DO: students apply things they have learned, reflect on their own actions, and report about them.

When the suspected bullying case comes to attention, the adult who is present or is first informed of the incident

  • gathers the needed background information, and
  • directs the case to the KiVa team, if it is a bullying case.
  • tackles the case in cooperation with the class teacher

The KiVa team will interview all children involved and record these interviews on the KiVa screening form. The KiVa team will then meet to discuss appropriate actions. Our school ethos underpins our restorative approach. The KiVa team will work with all children involved individually and as a group to resolve all issues and conflicts. 

Parents are always informed about the cases that have been addressed by the KiVa team.

KiVa Wesite Take a look at the KiVa website for more information