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Hawk Owls Y6

Welcome to Hawk Owls!


Welcome to 2024!


We hope you have all had an amazing spring break and are looking forward to completing your Primary School journey.


We have so much still to look forward to - showing  off our amazing talent, our residential (Monday 22nd April - Friday 26th April), a final performance and lots of fun consolidating all of our learning.


This week:

Monday 26th February - PE today - outside

Thursday 29th February - NCMP check today

Thursday 29th February  - PE today - inside


Next week:

Monday 4th March - Junior Citizens Trip

Thursday 7th March  - PE today - inside


Some of you have been asking for book recommendations - I have added a link to a website below.


Hawk Owl’s PE lessons will be on a Monday and Thursday this term. Please come into school in your PE kit ready for these lessons. This term, you will be focusing on cricket and gymnastics. Please make sure you have a change of indoor shoes for the rest of the day whilst you are in the classroom and school building and that all of your kit is labelled with your name. Remember earrings must be covered or removed. PLEASE - make sure you have the correct coloured PE kit. 


Sadly, the weather is changing and we are now experiencing the autumn change. Please make sure you have a coat every day and a change of shoes. A pair of old trainers that can be left at school would be ideal unless, of course, you prefer wellies



In Hawk Owls, we have an extensive range of exciting books which you are more than welcome to borrow and enjoy at home or in the classroom. We have a signing out book which you can fill in with the book you would like to borrow to help us keep track of our lovely books. Once you have returned this book, you can then sign out a new one. You are also welcome to bring in your own books from home. I would suggest writing your name in the front so we can easily return it to you if it wanders around the classroom. 

Will you take on the year 6 reading challenge? Or maybe you'll choose to read one of the top 100 books you should read before you leave Primary School. 



We will work on our spellings in class during our early morning work and as a weekly informal spelling test. For those of us who find spellings a little difficult, a mixture of year 6 and individual spelling words will be given. 



This term we will be studying the city of Oxford, which is known as the 'City of Spires'. We will be focusing on the history of buildings and how their uses have changed over time. We will look at Oxford University, which is formed from 39 different colleges, and the influential people who have studied here, such as world leaders, inventors and authors.



Every Thursday/Friday you will receive a sheet with short tasks or questions relating to our lessons in SPaG, maths and English. Each task can be completed on its own. Therefore, hopefully, it will make it easier to do for those of you who are busy with out-of-school activities. Please attempt each task but always ask me for help if you are unsure. Homework will be handed out on a Thursday/Friday and should be placed in the homework tray by the following Wednesday. 

Later in the term you will have your own revision books for maths, reading and SPaG - you will be asked to complete certain pages linked to our class work. We will work through these together in lesson time so that we all have a secure understanding. 

For those of you who would like to complete more homework, you will find our homework topic grid below. Some of these activities may need a week or two to complete. Any topic homework you bring in will be celebrated and added to our display!


Mrs Hawksworth will be in class with us every morning from Monday - Friday. 

Mrs Green will teach on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Miss Wells will teach on a Wednesday and Thursday.


We are really looking forward to supporting you throughout this year, so please come and talk to us if you have any worries, however great or small.


If your grown-ups have any queries or concerns this term, they are more than welcome to contact us via the school office at or come and speak to me at the end of the day.


Here's to a great year.

The Hawk Owls Team