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Our intent at Great Milton is that all children are given equal opportunities and are able to develop a love and passion for Sport. We want to give all children the chance to shine and thrive at something whilst at our school. 

Opportunities to compete in sports and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect. The national curriculum for PE aims to ensure that all pupils: develop the competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities.

Our Curriculum

Our PE and Sports curriculum is led and delivered by our teachers, alongside our specific Sports  Coach. Coverage of the key PE objectives and core skills is ensured by the use of progression maps throughout each element for each sport. We have designed our curriculum so that Key Stage 1 focuses on progressing the fundamental skills and then Key Stage 2 focus on applying the fundamental skills they have already gained when participating in a variety of different sports. 

The fundamentals that we will be focusing on during KS1 are as followed:

  • Movement skills
    • Spatial awareness 
    • Agility, balance, and coordination 
  • Ball skills
    • Introduction of tactics 
    • Paired movement techniques 
  • Gymnastics
    • Movement 
    • Sequences
  • Speed, agility, and quickness
  • Athletics 
  • Team Game

The sports that children in KS2 will be participating in are split into two cycles so that they get to experience the six different sports from each cycle twice, whilst in Key Stage 2. The sports that will be delivered during Cycle A and Cycle B are as followed:

Children are also given the opportunity to engage in sports such as Netball, Dance, and American Football, which are delivered by our teachers within PE lessons. 

Sports Coaches

We are very lucky to not only have staff trained in specific sports but also specific sports coaches that deliver sessions as part of their PE curriculum and after-school clubs.

Mr. Matt Pearce is our specific sports coach that comes into school to deliver PE lessons as part of PPA. We are extremely fortunate as he has qualifications in a wide variety of different sports. He also works closely with Mrs Sophie Pearce (Year 1 Teacher and PE coordinator) to ensure that the PE curriculum offers a wide variety of sports. This year, we have decided to introduce Handball and Badminton to the KS2 curriculum to expand the sporting opportunities that are available to our pupils. 

Mrs. Vicki Coyle is a qualified Netball coach and offers an after-school for children in Years 3 - Years 6. She also comes to school to offer PE lessons in both Netball and Athletics. 

In addition, to the coaches above, we are very fortunate to have an LTA tennis coach, Neil James, funded by a local charity, The Sheppard Trust. Neil comes in once a week to give tennis lessons to children in Key Stage 2 on a rolling program.

On-site Outdoors

We have a climbing wall, customized with our school emblem, the owl! We are very lucky with our beautiful rural setting so we make good use of our playing fields, tennis court, and outdoor play equipment. We also have access to the village recreation ground, which enables us to maximize our athletics and Sports Day provision.

We are very lucky to have our own Forest Schools teacher, Mrs. Howlett. Each year group has the chance to experience a term of Forest School, once a week, making the most of our rural setting. Our children enjoy life-affirming activities including nature-spotting, fire-building, crafts, and cooking. 

Off-site Outdoors

We have the wonderful opportunity to use a local outdoor education center, The Jack Peers Centre, to help us fulfill the Outdoor Adventurous Activities and Problem Solving areas of the PE curriculum. 

Our Boreal Owls (Y4) and Eagle Owls (Y5) children visit residential adventure centers for 2-3 nights bi-annually where they participate in outdoor adventure activities. These are often at PGL Liddington near Swindon. Our Hawk Owls (Y6) children have their own residential following SATS week. This has recently been at the wonderful Longridge Adventure Centre in Marlow.

We also host a “Key Stage 2 Camp Out” on our school grounds, either at the start of the year (September) or at the end of the school year (June/ July). This allows both parents and students to socialize and interact. 


Children, in Years 3 and 4, are provided with the opportunity to take part in swimming lessons, throughout the Summer Term at Thame Leisure Centre. We are now also offering opportunities to children in Years 5 and 6, who may have missed this opportunity in Years 3 and 4 or would benefit from this opportunity.